Scrum vs Kanban

The Kanban vs Scrum debate is a completely pointless argument. Each solves a set of problems. The problems they solve are complementary. There may be times when aspects of Scrum may not be applicable, such as working with IT Operations teams but generally they’re complimentary with each other. At Solutioneers we find many of our clients start out with Scrum practices but overtime they soften the sprint boundaries and move to a continuous flow model of delivery. Once you make the transition from Scrum to Kanban you may retain some of the practices of Scrum. Examples include Sprint planning. Sprint planning in Kanban is useful when organising the demand or backlog. Although the team may not be utilising Sprints for delivery, planning ahead in terms of two week deliveries can be useful for some stakeholders. So if you hear people arguing over Scrum vs Kanban, just point them at this argument.

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