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Solutioneers Tiger Teams

Do you need a dedicated cross-functional team to deliver your next product, feature or project? Or, are you looking to augment your existing team(s) with specialists to boost capacity and capability?

Solutioneers Tiger Teams are a highly skilled, handpicked team of specialists tasked with turning your vision into reality. Tiger teams leverage deep technical and domain expertise to approach delivery and problem solving in novel but effective ways. We work on:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integration
  • Cloud / DevOps
  • Business Intelligence, AI & Data Solutions

Flexible Engagement Models

  • Dedicated Tiger Teams – we’ll provide you with a dedicated, highly collaborative delivery team to realise your vision in the shortest time possible.
  • Augmented Delivery – Augment your inhouse staff with our Tiger Teams to build your internal capability throughout delivery whilst maintaining delivery at pace
  • Product Development – give us your vision and we’ll rapidly validate your ideas, using multiple approaches, to find the quickest and most successful route to market.
  • #NoSoftware – Maybe there’s a better way to solve your problem than developing software or buying and configuring off the shelf software?

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