Solutioneers Affiliate Partner Program

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We’ve been fortunate over the years to grow our business through word of mouth and trusted personal recommendations from happy customers and training delegates who have experienced our services first hand.

We want to share our success with our community as we continue to grow and invite you to join our Affiliate Partner Program.

Our Affiliate Partners are able to earn a revenue share when they introduce individuals to our certified training programs and organisations to our services. Simply fill in the form on this page and get started today!


Can anyone become a Solutioneers Affiliate?
We like to ensure anyone introducing our services understands what makes us tick, and how our products and services work. After a short onboarding call we’ll ensure you’re setup with all the information you need and give you access to our Affiliate resources centre.

Is there a limit to how many people I can introduce?
No. The more people you introduce, the more fees you’ll earn.

When will I receive my referral fee?
Once your referral has completed their course we’ll send you your fee.

How will I know if my introduction has been successful?
We’ll notify you as soon as someone you’ve introduced books onto one of our courses.

Can I refer myself in order to get a discount?
No need. All affiliate partners automatically receive a 10% discount once they’ve referred 2 customers or more.

How much will I earn per referral?
You’ll earn 10% from each course booked. For example, our RRP for KMP1 is £995+VAT. For each person you refer under this pricing you’ll receive £99.50.

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