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lean agile boot camp

Lean Agile Boot Camp

The latest software development techniques. Taken from the best Agile methodologies and practices in the industry. Learn how to estimate, plan, manage, and succeed with Lean & Agile techniques.

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05 Sep 18,Leeds

Create Better User Stories

Create Better User Stories

Are you creating great user stories? Are they broken down to the correct level of granularity? Do they contain enough detail to delight developers? Are they sized? If you've answered no to any of these questions then this workshop is for you!

Kanban for ITIL & IT Service Management

Kanban for ITIL

“We’re IT Operations, Agile doesn’t work for us”. In this workshop you’ll learn the mechanics of Kanban. How to release the benefits within IT operations teams. The techniques will enrich your existing ITIL Framework and processes.

Next workshop:

03 Oct 18,Warrington

Agile Testing: A practical workshop for Testers & Agile Teams

Agile Testing

The shift towards Agile ways of working, often leaves Testers wondering where they fit. Promises of full test automation. The whole team owning quality & light documentation. This appears to take away everything that Testers hold close to their heart.

What will you receive?

  • High quality instruction from an Agile expert.
  • Downloadable workshop materials.
  • Follow up support / hotline for your org.

Who are the workshops suitable for?

These workshops are suitable for everyone involved in the software delivery life-cycle.

Workshop Preparation

You will be required to work through our online workshop prep material prior to attending any workshops. Details of which will be sent upon confirmation of your booking.

What about certification?

We strongly believe in having flexibility in our approach to delivering real world training, that gets results. As such, our courses are not formally accredited, meaning we are free to select the best practices from a broad range of methods to deliver unique learning experiences. All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.