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We guide you through proven techniques that improve quality, productivity, team morale, and customer satisfaction.

Team Collaboration

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can we improve quality?”
  • “How can we deliver software quicker?”
  • “How can we breakdown barriers between organisational silos?”
  • “How can we reduce waste in our processes to reduce cost?”
  • “As we scale our teams, how do we manage complex dependencies?”
  • “Or, how can we attract and retain the best people?”
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Our company was founded by Ian Carroll in 2007 following an extensive career as predominantly a software developer and managing development teams. In helping the teams he worked with succeeding with Lean and Agile practices, he realised that there were no real support and guidance for other teams and organisations. Although it wasn’t part of the original plan, he left his comfortable job and launched a consultancy

that quickly grew, serving thousands of individuals around the world. Today, that consultancy provides hundreds of organisations with training, coaching, and coach the coach services.

We work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the technology delivery world. We know how hard it is to evolve your organisation. We work with private, public, FTSE500, small, and large organisations, and so many others. Our passion is to help you build, advance, and improve your technology delivery capabilities.

Our Core Values That Drive Our Behaviours

Our values define how we do business and how we deliver our services to our customers.

They are the embodiment of our beliefs and consequently shape how we act, our relationships (both internally and externally) and drive our actions.

As a result, they are at the core of everything we do:

  • We do things differently – always looking to innovate and think outside the box
  • Share knowledge evangelically – learn obsessively, evolve continually and aggressively
  • Pragmatism is our true north – theories and ideals are fine, but they don’t get things done
  • Excellence in everything we do – to delight our customers and exceed their expectations
  • Transparency both personally and organisationally – ensures no surprises
  • We embrace diversity – to get the best out of everyone and build a true team
  • Disruptive, we challenge the status quo – not just follow the herd
  • We care passionately about what we do and how we do it.

Trust, honesty and integrity in all our dealings both with our customers and other members of our team is central to all our actions.

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