Certified Kanban Training

Solutioneers are a Kanban University licensed training organisation. All of our trainers are Accredited Kanban Trainers. KMP1 and KMP2 is required for those who want to become a kanban management professional.

Team Kanban Practitioner

The basics of kanban to enable a team to get started.
1 Day

Kanban System Design (KMP1)

The core of kanban practices to design and evolve a kanban system.
2 Days

Kanban Management Professional (KMP2)

Manage and evolve a kanban initiative. Scale beyond the team level.
2 Days

Advanced Kanban Training

Portfolio Kanban

Enterprise Kanban design, rollout and implementation. 
1 Day

Kanban Coach Camp

Coaching skills required to support the introduction of Kanban to your clients.
1 Day

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