Jira & Azure DevOps Experts

The Solutioneers team has been providing Jira and Azure DevOps consulting services to over 200+ teams. We help our clients improve their efficiency and productivity with an Agile approach that is backed by a pragmatic support team. We support high-performing teams that leverage Atlassian or Azure DevOps tools to deliver high-quality software.

Jira and Azure DevOps Specialists

Your productivity is our priority with Jira & Azure DevOps

At Solutioneers we thrive on good old-fashioned customer service. We work with you to assess your needs, understand your business objectives, and then deploy the right Atlassian or Azure DevOps solutions to keep you in control of the important things.

Built for Scale

We are experts in the practicalities of scaling Jira or Azure DevOps across many software teams. We’ve worked with over a hundred companies to successfully implement Jira or Azure DevOps and can help you do the same. The first step is a free consultation where we come up with an approach tailored to meet your needs and provide a customized implementation roadmap. Contact us now to learn more.

Achieve your goals with Technical Excellence

We help customers achieve their goals by providing best-in-class support on Atlassian and Azure DevOps tools. We understand how important it is to be able to provide support and our team of consultants is here for you. With a range of cloud-based tools, we’re able to enhance your business processes and improve productivity across the board. We can help you with every step of the way, from design and planning through implementation and ongoing operational support.

We're experts in Portfolio Kanban management

In addition to our great experience with Jira and Azure DevOps, we have a specialised team dedicated solely to supporting enterprises with Portfolio Kanban management. This provides a single view of all projects, no matter what their current stage with advanced reporting, dependency management, and benefits realisation.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and expert

We are a team of software consultants that have experience working with many types of companies, in many different industries. We know what it takes to get your business to the next level. We stop “the Jira tail from wagging the dog”! Unlocking best practices garnered from years of treading the hard path to true Agility we avoid out-of-the-box pitfalls and implement truly bespoke configs that are tuned for high-productivity teams. 

Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps

Jira & Confluence

  • Set-up and configuration 
  • Migration and integration
  • Security configuration
  • Workflow configuration
  • Process configuration
  • Schema management
  • Enterprise & Portfolio configuration
  • Experts in scaling software teams
  • Training and team bootstraps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Housekeeping and administration
  • Advanced reporting and dashboarding – go beyond the out-of-the-box reports

Tame the Beast!

Have you found your configuration to be a little “overwhelming”? Do you find that you have too many statuses? Too many schemas? Too many workflows? Too many boards? Are you tied up in a knot? Are you tempted to start afresh with a new instance and lose all your historical data? Does it seem easier to start again rather than deal with migrating your data?


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