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At Solutioneers, we collaborate with a network of high-quality associates who support us in delivering a range of short and long-term client engagements.

We are constantly on the lookout for professional and reputable agile coaches, to join our team, who we can deploy on-site and remotely with our customers.

We’re not looking for ‘just anyone’, we’re looking for those who excel in what they do and are committed to working to the values and principles we align to. These include:

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Be eager and passionate about delivering solutions that match client needs

Demonstrate commitment to develop their knowledge and understanding

Focus on analytical processes and act based on evidence over emotion

Attentive and aware of physical/psychological needs of their team

Approach challenges in a rational and realistic way over theoretical beliefs

Constantly striving to learn and self-develop to provide greater value


The associates we work with are proud, motivated, and self-starters, focused on customer service as a measure of success.

Their belief isn’t just “getting things shipped”, it’s questioning every element of design and delivery to ensure customer aspirations are met against both expectation and specification.

Our team are enthusiastic about the products they work on, utilise pragmatic solutions, are driven by data, and experts in coaching development teams.


If you believe that you know best, we’re probably the wrong fit. But if you think everyone around you has value in the contribution they can make, that’s what we’re looking for.

Challenging assumptions is vital in this role. Being inquisitive is in your nature and you take this into your personal and professional life with a desire to continually learn and improve.

Where some see challenges, you see opportunity. You focus on helping clients to build the right product, in the right way, within a psychologically safe, productive environment.


With a passion for collaborative solution-design, our associates take control of their projects and work with the appropriate stakeholders throughout development.

Your proactive approach ensures technical aspects are rigorously iterated to deliver consistency and performance, with stakeholder feedback leading to future developments.

You are committed to nurturing relationships and positive working environments. You should possess high EQ, excellent listening abilities, and demonstrable decision making skills.


As well as the attributes listed above, there are two things that separate you from all the other agile professionals out there: talent and attitude.

If you have the perfect combination of the two, with a portfolio of skills and experience in delivering a range of software products, we’ll identify exciting opportunities for you.

At Solutioneers we don’t discriminate. We are a people-focused organisation defined by results, not labels. Returning to work after some time away? We’d love to hear from you.

Trust, honesty and integrity in all our dealings both with our customers and other members of our team is central to all our actions.

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