Pop the bubbles, create a learning ecosystem with Zsolt Berend

A 1915 survey showed that the workforce in Highland Park Ford Plant spoke more than 50 languages. How was it possible for workers who did not share a single common language to work together to assemble this complex, sophisticated vehicle? As paradoxical as it sounds, the answer is they did not have to.

Assemblers worked in a perfect division of labour, their task was to put nuts and bolts in the parts. The fact that they could not speak to their fellow assemblers had no impact on the productivity of Ford’s assembly line. This was the world of Taylorism, the world of Scientific Management.

As a stark contrast, today, 100 years later working in silos, not being able to collaborate, share learnings has a direct negative impact on productivity and organisational outcomes. We are living in the era of the knowledge workers.

In this fun and engaging talk, Zsolt will share a number of anti-patterns that experience and research shows are a hindrance to the creation of a learning organisation and corresponding patterns.

Speaker bio:
Zsolt is a business agility coach and trainer. With 15 years hands-on experience in applying agile/lean ways of working principles and practices as a practitioner, coach and trainer in a diverse portfolio of industry sectors, predominantly health care, telecom and financial services.
He is a contributing author to the eagerly awaited “Sooner, Safer, Happier” book alongside Jonathan Smart, Myles Ogilvie & Simon Rohrer which has immediately shot to the number 1 spot on Amazon pre-orders

Recorded at Lean Agile UK on 2nd June 2020


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