The Coin Game - live virtual online multiplayer

The Coin Game is a popular simulation used by Agile Coaches to demonstrate the power of flow and batch size to teams new to Lean and Agile concepts. It is normally played face to face as demonstrated in the video below. 



It’s not easy (or even possible?) to run the coin game with teams who are geographically distributed…that is until now!

Please read the facilitators guide to running the coin game online.


We are currently working on fixing the following known issues:

  • The more players in a game the less stable the game becomes (coins stuck, players stuck unable to move coins). This is due to latency and the underlying platform we use for the realtime messaging. Up to 3 to 4 players max per game seems to be optimum, 5 or more you’ll get issues.
  • Microsoft IE & Edge browser causes problems and may not work.

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