Coin Game Facilitators Guide

This guide is for use with the online version of the Coin Game.

Step 1 - Game Setup

Go to the main Coin Game page on the Solutioneers website. A unique game URL will be generated. Copy this game URL to your clipboard and send it to all game participants.

As the facilitator you have your own special URL below. Click the facilitators link to start the game.

coin game setup step 1

Step 2 - Player Setup

Once all your participants have received their game URL and clicked it they should see screen as shown here. The participants will not see the “Facilitator Only” panel. This is just for you.

Scroll down to reveal the bottom of the facilitators panel. Enter each player name.

It is really important that all participants have clicked the link and joined the game before you update player names. This is due to the realtime nature of the tech used behind the scenes. This rule applies to all aspects of the game. Anyone who joins the game late will not see any updates or changes made up until the point of joining.

Step 3 - Game play

The black circles represent coins. The coins are two sided. Black on one side and white on the other. Clicking a coin turns the coin over.

To move a coin to the next player, the player drags a coin and drops it in the drop zone. The coin will then appear in the next players area.

The player timer is automatically started when they click the first coin. It will automatically stop when they’ve turned over all 20 coins and update the scoreboard accordingly.

Step 4 - Facilitation

Round 1 – Batch size = 20

As facilitator you will instruct players to turn over all twenty coins before moving them to their drop zone.

To start the round, I find it useful to do a short countdown 3 – 2 – 1 – Go!. When I shout Go I simultaneously click the START button in the facilitators panel. This starts the customer timer.

Watch as the players turn their coins and pass them on to the next player.

When all players have completed their task you click the STOP button in the facilitators panel to stop the customer timer.

coin game set up step 3

Step 5 - Changing the batch size

Round 2 – Batch size = 10

In the facilitators panel, click Batch 10 to switch the game mode to batch size = 10. You will see the results table update to highlight you’re in batch size = 10 mode.

As facilitator you will instruct players to turn over ten coins before moving them to their drop zone.

As soon as they’ve moved 10 they can start turning the remaining 10 coins before moving them to the drop zone.

Again, click the START button in the facilitators panel when the round starts and click STOP when the round finishes.

You can move all the coins back to the 1st player by clicking the GAME RESET button.

coin game set up step 3
coin game set up step 4

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