Coin Game Facilitators Guide

This guide is for use with the online version of the Coin Game.


We are currently working on fixing the following known issues:

  • The more players in a game the less stable the game becomes (coins stuck, players stuck unable to move coins). This is due to latency and the underlying platform we use for the realtime messaging. Up to 3 to 4 players max per game seems to be optimum, 5 or more you’ll get issues.
  • Microsoft IE & Edge browser causes problems and may not work.



Step 1 - Game Setup

Go to the main Coin Game page on the Solutioneers website. A unique game URL will be generated. Copy this game URL to your clipboard and send it to all game participants.

As the facilitator you have your own special URL below. Click the facilitators link to start the game.

coin game setup step 1

Step 2 - Player Setup

Once all your participants have received their game URL and clicked it they should see screen as shown here. Players enter their name and click Submit. 

As players join the game you will see their names appearing in the Waiting for players to join box.

Once at least 3 players have joined, the facilitator can click the START GAME button.

joining the game

Step 3 - Game play

Once the game starts, follow the onscreen instructions.

Prior experience of facilitating the coin game is useful.

game play

Game Concepts

If you’ve never facilitated the coin game before then read on.

There are 4 rounds to the game. Each round represents a change to the batch-size of work.

Start with a batch size of 20. Get all players to flip the coins and pass them on.

For the second round, switch the batch size to 10 and get the players to flip the coins and pass them on.

Repeat this for each batch size. What do you notice about the overall customer time? It should be reducing as the batch size reduces.

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