What do you optimize for? with Keith Braithwaite

What do you optimize for? In your approach to managing software and systems development work, that is.

There are several ways to plan and track such work, and which you choose says a lot about what your organisation’s focus is, both in terms of what the organisation believes it does and what it wants to optimize for. In this talk we’ll look at three popular choices:

* “Traditional” project management
* Scrum and XP–like Agile processes
* Kanban–like Agile processes

And then try to draw some synoptic conclusions.

Each approach has its place. Understanding the assumptions behind each, and what each affords, that is: what it makes easy and most obvious to do, can help us decide which to use in what scenarios.

Speaker bio:
Keith has built up a wealth of experience plying his trade as a director, development strategist and consultant coaching numerous team in the adoption of Agile, Lean and eXtreme Programming practices, and also spent time as a guest lecturer at University of Birmingham.
He is a long time friend of Lean Agile UK having appeared at many of our previous Manchester and Stockport in person events, proving to be a very popular speaker.

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