The Highs & Lows of OKR with Mark Greenley

The highs and lows of OKR

OKRs (Objective & Key Results) are quietly becoming the “next big thing” when it comes to organising the way we work for many organisations and teams.

Embarking on the OKR journey however, isn’t as easy as it may first appear and while there are some great resources that support the more practical aspects of creating good quality OKRs and supporting processes, there’s less about the transformation your team or organisation needs to make to be truly successful with them.

With particular emphasis on how culture is vital to success, this session shares the highs and lows of how we brought OKRs into Victoria Plum, a fast paced online only retailer.

Our Speaker
Mark Greenley is the Head of Digitial Product & Transformation at Victoria Plum, the exclusively online bathroom retailer. In a wide-ranging role, he oversees product management and innovation; striving to represent the voice of the customer within the Exec team and influence broadly to ensure the business becomes ever more customer-centric.

He uses OKRs to improve strategic and functional alignment, focus and user-centricity.

Recorded at Lean Agile UK on 8th September 2020


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