The Agile Listening Project with Andrew Jones & Michael Rudenko

The Agile Listening Project:

Founded by Andrew Jones in 2020, The Agile Listening Project is about creating a community that will promote Servant Leadership and Active Listening in the workplace. By doing so it seeks to promote psychologically safe work environments, transformation and project teams that put collaboration, transparency, dependency, purpose and respect at the heart of their day to day practice. Andrew joined forces with Michael Rudenko, an expert in Servant Leadership, to develop the Project as they both believe that Servant Leadership is key to establishing an Active Listening culture within an organisation. Key to the success of the Project is the participation and sharing of knowledge about Active Listening and Servant Leadership.

The Speakers

Andrew Jones Founder of the Agile Listening Project and Agile Coach – Client Partner, Broadlight Global Limited.

Michael Rudenko – Master in Servant Leadership and DevOps Client Partner, Broadlight Global Limited.

The Presentation:

The presentation will last for circa 40 minutes with time for a Q&A at the end. The presentation explains with simple, easily adopted, practices why Active Listening combined with Servant Leadership can dramatically improve the chances of Business Transformations or delivery of major projects being successful.


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