Technology practices failing to deliver? Check your language! by Daniel Breston

Here is the problem. We say we want to improve or implement a technology set of practices (agile, Kanban, ITSM, Lean, etc.) but the words we use either help create a positive experience or kill the journey before it begins. Language leads to behaviour, attitudes, and culture.

I’m Daniel Breston, coach to technology managers & teams with over 40 years of international technology leadership and coaching experience. I am a co-author on SIAM and VeriSM bodies of knowledge. I am a workshop and internal discussion facilitator, conference and event speaker and ghost-writer. I am also from the US (Texas) and so have had more than my fair share of open mouth, insert knee moments!

In this session, I want to explore language and how it can affect the way people benefit or not, when embarking on a framework trip.

This will be an interactive and fun session. Tips, gotchas, books to read to further your learning, are all on offer.

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