Sonya Siderova - The 3-Step Product Management Guide: Realistic Goals using Data

In this session, you’ll learn:
• How to make reliable commitments with the right tools: The data-driven approach to making forecasts using your historical performance data.
• How to determine the best time to start your work: Increase the likelihood of delivering on time by identifying the ideal date range to start a task.
• The most effective approach to managing the flow of work: How to manage your tasks in progress to make sure you hit your commitments.

About the Speaker:

As an accomplished Change Agent, Sonya knows how to mobilize people to inspire cross-organizational transformation that results in improved flow efficiency and reduced delivery times. She is a strong advocate of data-driven decision making where teams rely on numbers, not guesswork, to accurately predict product outcomes. Sonya is also the Founder and CEO at Nave, an analytical suite that helps teams optimize their workflows and deliver value to their customers quickly and efficiently. Today, teams spanning across many industries have become more productive, self-managed and excited about their work, and Nave helped them get there.


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