Metrix & Chill with Susannah Chambers

How do we explain the value we’re creating through the effort we invest?

Metrics for measurement are often to seen to be the answer to this challenge.

However, what do we do when people gravitate to their own view of which metrics are important?

The Metrix & Chill model, designed by Susannah Chambers and offered to the software development teams she serves in a retail tech environment, helps teams and individuals make sense of how to move forward meaningfully and strategically through gaining alignment around understanding which metrics matter.

In this interactive session Susannah will share the Metrix & Chill approach and explain how strategies it incorporates (including value statementing, a basket of measures and financial proxies) can rapidly create positive outcomes in articulating value.

This session will create value for anybody working in any sector in any role and with any level of experience!

Speaker bio

Susannah is laser focused on empowering teams – and the individuals that make up those teams – to recognise and articulate the value they create. She is hugely passionate about coaching a culture where everybody’s voice is heard to enable teams to co-craft an environment where they are ready to engage with ‘the value conversation’. And so she created the Metrix & Chill approach!

Susannah is an agile coach, Certified ScrumMaster and the UK’s only Personal Agility Recognized Ambassador as certified by the Personal Agility Institute.

She has 20 years’ practical experience serving individuals and teams on projects through from local to an international scale across a wide range of sectors including tech, retail, construction and education sectors.

Widely renowned as a “walking/talking/singing/dancing career portfolio”, Susannah has been described as modelling the mindset and behaviours one would wish to see in agile teams through her own actions and strategies she equips teams with through her coaching.

As well as Susannah’s work as a coach she is a professional gigging musician, an education consultant, a music teacher, a signed model and a children’s party entertainer!

Susannah’s mission in life is to bring joy. Her favourite way to spend her time is being with her 3 children.



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