Integrating Fit for Purpose with David Anderson

Integrating Fit for Purpose

The Fit-for-Purpose framework gives managers a new way of understanding customer behavior and identifying customer segments by customer purpose. With it, managers can make more confident decisions, to adapt products and services to be “fitter” for their customers’ intended purpose and marketing environments. In this talk, David Anderson will provide an overview of the concept of the framework as well as how it integrates with other project management and marketing frameworks.

Speaker bio:
The originator of the Kanban Method, and co-creator of the Kanban Maturity Model, the Fit-for-Purpose Framework, and Enterprise Services Planning, David is focused on management training and leadership development in professional services, and intangible goods industries.

David is the author of 7 leading books on developing the Kanban method for modern businesses. In 2010 he published “KANBAN: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” which is in the top 5 best-selling Agile books of all time.

He is the founder of the Kanban University with over 400 accredited trainers and consultants, multiple global conferences, and is the Chairman of the David J. Anderson School of Management providing training in 21st-century business practices for enterprise agility, business resilience, and organizational maturity.


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