From Isolation to Frontline - Difrent did it for the NHS in just 8 days!

Working with NHSX, Difrent were tasked with “getting key workers in isolation back to the frontline safely following negative test results for their households”.
From a standing start, in just 8 days, it was achieved and immense value was delivered.
Rachel Murphy (Chief Exec at Difrent) and Randal Whitmore (Product Manager of GOV.UK Home Test Ordering Service) discuss how to deliver positive national outcomes at pace in the crucial fight against COVID-19.

Since then, the service has scaled massively, successfully providing antigen tests to members of the public and essential workers across the UK. Find out how they achieved this and more.

Speaker Bio
Randal Whitmore is Head of Growth at Difrent – business change and service delivery specialists that make a real difference. He recently worked with NHSX as Product Manager in the fight against COVID-19, delivering the national Coronavirus Home Test Ordering Service.

Rachel Murphy is the Chief Executive at Difrent – and a staunch Tech for Good advocate. Rachel and her team of user researchers, service designers, delivery managers and more have worked in close partnership with Government and Health organisations including NHSBSA, NHSX, Public Health England, WHO, and DHSC.

Recorded at Lean Agile UK on 16th June 2020


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