Crossing the Entrepreneurial Gap with Dean Latchana

Recorded at Lean Agile UK on 30th June 2020

When organisations are often too ponderous to innovate, what proven approaches exist to bridge the internal gap between the opposing needs of entrepreneurialism and operationalism?

This talk will explore emerging approaches that utilise the internal tensions between innovators and conservative communities. We’ll explore the importance of designing for team structures and communication pathways that are driven by cognitive load and end-to-end value creation.

These approaches create the conditions that will support risk-taking, enable greater agility and increase market competitiveness.

Dean will discuss
-The rate of organisational adaptability must be greater than the market’s

-The barriers to innovation, such as operational culture, stifles the emergence of entrepreneurialism

-The myths and mistakes organisations make when attempting to create innovation and alignment

-Utilising the natural tension between traditionalists and entrepreneurs to create lasting innovation

-Creating end-to-end value using team topologies which considers cognitive load and clear collaboration lines

-Research and personal stories of how organisations have overcome scepticism and have achieved innovation and greater business agility

Speaker Bio
Dean is an experienced Business Agility Consultant, Teacher, Coach and has supported organisations such as Nike, MTV, BBC and GOV.UK and more through transformation and change.

On top of this he is the Editor of The Agilist newsletter, a lifelong quest to explore how the Agile mindset, and Lean ways of working, can help individuals & organisations sense and respond to a rapidly changing world.


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