Bringing humanity back to the workplace with Gitte Klitgaard

Bringing humanity back to the workplace
How many times have someone told you:
· Stop being emotional!?
· Act like a professional?
· Feelings do not belong at work?

Some people seem to be two different people at work and outside work; different identities and definetly different feelings. In fact feelings only exits in one of the roles.

Gitte believes this perception of what professionalism is wrong, and the splitting of people is damaging to them. And it is damaging the industry.

Companies and individuals need to realise that being professional does not mean being inhuman. In fact humanity is a great asset at works as well as in life, and there is a need for more workplaces where it is safe to be a whole human and not just a part of oneself.

Speaker bio
Agile Coach and Owner of Native Wired
Gitte has been an agile coach at leading companies like Spotify, LEGO and IBM for more than a decade and has been independent since 2013. Her main focus in recent years has been communication and implementing psychological safety as well as responsibility and accountability. It is essential for Gitte to be authentic, to cut to the chase, and help people become themselves, so they can succeed at work and outside.
She also spends time being a speaker, mentor, and trainer and has so far keynoted on three continents – often about the things that we forget to talk about.
Gitte describes herself as “curious, hippie, friend, hugger, geek and learner”



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