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Expert Delivery: Tiger Teams

Do you need a dedicated cross-functional team to deliver your next product, feature or project? Or, are you looking to augment your existing team(s) with specialists to boost capacity and capability?

Solutioneers Tiger Teams are a highly skilled, handpicked team of specialists tasked with turning your vision into reality. Tiger teams leverage deep technical and domain expertise to approach delivery and problem solving in novel but effective ways. We work on:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integration
  • Cloud / DevOps
  • Business Intelligence, AI & Data Solutions
agile teams

Agile Coaching & Training

At Solutioneers we are your guide to understanding how to deliver software better.  We understand what it takes and the important road you’re on to improve your capabilities. We have shown thousands of technologists like you the exact techniques for doing so. Get started now!

  • Team Health Check
  • Delivery Diagnostic
  • Assurance
  • Coaching
  • Training

Discover the exact techniques we use to deliver high quality software, on-time, and to budget for our clients.

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19 tips for writing better user stories

19 Tips for Writing Better User Stories (2022 Update)

In this guide to writing better user stories we cover 19 concepts you need to grasp when writing user stories. It is built from many years coaching teams on writing better user stories and provides techniques for dealing with common challenges faced by the hundreds of teams we’ve helped.

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how to do Agile story point estimation

How to do Agile story point estimation

If you’re going to use story points in Scrum, here’s how to do it. Story point estimation can drag Scrum teams and software developers into a pit of despair, frustration, and waste. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the use of story points in Agile teams.

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