How to prep your cycle time data

Let’s face it – dates are a pain in the butt. Or at least it is for developers. We’ve designed this tool to enable you to copy & paste straight from MS Excel. You just need to do a little prep (soz).

Step 1

Create two columns in Excel. The first column contains the date the work item was completed.

The second column contains the cycle time for the work item.

data prep 1

Step 2

Convert the dates in the first column to numbers. To do this, select all the dates to be changed, then go to Format->Cells…

Select Number and set Decimal places to 0 (zero).

data prep 2

Step 3

The dates will now be a set of numbers as shown here.

Step 4

Select your data and copy. Do not include the headings.

data prep 4

Step 5

Paste your data into Graph Data box and click Submit.

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