Leading experts providing Agile Coaching with a solid track record. All of our coaches are highly experienced in Agile and Lean ways of working. All possessing T-shaped skills (generalising specialists), meaning you can book the right coach to meet your needs but still tap into their wider experience.

Nurture better behaviours and capabilities with hands on coaching:

  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Card wall building
  • Sprint planning
  • Retrospectives
  • Showcases/Review
  • Inceptions

Why you should use an external coach to provide Agile Coaching

You may believe that coaching is best carried out by someone internal to your organisation. But, experience has taught that utilising external expertise can bring significant advantages over this because:

  • An external change agent always carries more gravitas
  • They bring many years experience from a rich variety of organisations
  • An external coach can be an objective observer
  • The external coach facilitates learning within the team

Benefits of our coaching

By introducing customised Agile and Lean techniques to organisations, our coaching services are guaranteed to deliver:

  • Significantly reduced time to market
  • Greatly improved cross-functional collaboration and morale
  • Measurable improvement in software quality
  • Vast improvements in project planning predictability
  • A consistent outcome from recent engagements is the creation of high productivity environments that foster innovation, are conducive to learning, and provide deep job satisfaction for delivery teams.


What can a coach help with?

Facilitation of retrospectives, estimation & sizing, planning, daily stand-ups, inception planning, inception facilitation, deep dives / troubleshooting, project rescue, and weekly surgeries. Book your coach with a number of engagement models:

  • 1 day engagement
  • Part time engagement (2/3 days per week)
  • Full time short term contract (3-6 months)


Agile training by leading industry experts. Agile software promotes trust, transparency, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement.


Beyond the Bubble Coach Camp has been designed for in-house Agile Coaches, Change Agents and individuals tasked with leading continuous improvement activities throughout their organisations and appeals to any functions across all sectors.