Beyond the Bubble Coach Camp has been designed for in-house Agile Coaches, Change Agents and individuals tasked with leading continuous improvement activities throughout their organisations and appeals to any functions across all sectors.

Take your in-house coaches to the next level.

Why ‘Beyond the Bubble’?

We want to get you out of your organisation 1-day a month into an environment where you will work with Ian alongside your peers from a variety of organisations, functions and sectors, through a programme of learning and development.

What’s involved?

Together we’ll be building your knowledge 1-day each month throughout the six-month period and learning how Coach Camp can enable you improve your delivery and transform your organisation into a continuous learning environment. We’ll progress through a series of workbooks with on-the-job goals and objectives to incrementally enrich your coaching tool-kit. After the 6-sessions over 6-months you will emerge with a large array of enhanced coaching abilities.

How much is the programme?

We’ve made the programme cost-effective at £795 + VAT which works out c.£132 per day, better value than any similar course and you get to interact with people like you.

The course is held at a venue during the day in the North West with a 6-month commitment payable in advance to secure your place at Coach Camp.

In addition to accelerating your personal development, the main objectives of Coach Camp is to provide you with access to a professional community with similar interests to solving challenges you face daily.

What should I expect from each session?

Session 1 – The Role of the Agile Coach
Session 2 – Team Health – How do we find out how our team(s) are performing?
Session 3 – Induction, Education & Managing Blockers to Agile Success
Session 4 – Rightshifting, Avoiding Left-Drift
Session 5 – Systems Thinking & Complexity Thinking
Session 6 – The Agile Coaching Toolkit

Customer Testimonials

Excellent course. Highly recommended. Makes learning fun again.

AdeleSky Betting & Gaming

A great session for interaction and engagement. I have learnt and experienced more than I expected.



Leading experts providing Agile Coaching with a solid track record. All of our coaches are highly experienced in Agile and Lean ways of working.


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